this is a brief guide, with supporting articles, on how to ask for help by asking good questions, particularly in chat rooms such as IRC or Slack.

don’t ask to ask, just ask

be specific with your question. asking if anyone has experience with a broad topic is lazy and unfair to those who could help you.

❌ does anyone know about x?
✅ i'm using x for y. i have problem z. can anyone help?

see Don’t ask to ask, just ask for more info.

ask about your problem, not your solution

also known as the XY problem. describe what problem you are trying to solve, rather than asking about your solution to the problem.

❌ i can't do y, any ideas?
✅ i'm trying to do solve x. i've tried y. any ideas?

see The XY Problem for more info.

ask smart questions

see How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.