session 0 (async)

we will be playing the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign of DnD 5th edition (5e) on Roll20. be careful not to read any campaign spoilers, as they do exist on

based on feedback from the previous campaign, a few thoughts:

  • progression and customisation - indeed, there wasn’t much last campaign, but this one will involve a few level ups. see below, but we will make sure everyone has a character and backstory they like before starting.
  • mechanics - i think everyone understands the basics now, but should work to ensure you know them well (including me lol)
  • rp - this is probably the area that new players find the most unfamilar (especially coming from video games, as game mechanics / fantasy setting are fairly common transferable). overall, everyone did a good job, and i think that a) having some more input into your characters from the start, and b) having to focus less on mechanics moving forward will let us focus more on the rp. some further thoughts from me:
    • alignment, characteristics (traits, flaws, etc), and the background of your character should inform how you play your character, what they do, and why they do it - try to weave them into the story you tell by playing your character vs calling them out as entries on your character sheet. these all help make the charaters less one dimensional; there is a lot more on this online if you are interested.
    • try to stay consistent with your character vs saying / doing things just because they are funny out-of-character. obviously we are all here to have fun and should joke around OOC, but do try to separate OOC jokes from being a replacement for your character’s personality.
  • feedback - it is very helpful to me to know what you enjoy / think could be improved, as i’m still figuring out DMing.

todo (before session 1)

there are quite a few things here and they will take a bit of time. in order to get the most sessions / campaign everyone, both DMs and players, need to put some effort into preperation, so please do these before we start the campaign:


  1. ✅ i will share these on Roll20 - get a character sheet - either choose one of the LMoP premade characters or create your own
    • premades:
      • Dwarf Cleric (Liam)
      • Elf Wizard (Jon)
      • Halfling Rogue (Matt)
      • Human Fighter 1 (Adam)
      • Human Fighter 2 (free)
    • roll your own:
      • the PHB describes how to do this, and i can help you with it
  2. ❌ - determine your character backstory and let me know it (the premade characters have some already, but feel free to expand on them and let me know)


  • 🙏🏽 - understand the game mechanics - look at the reference materials linked below, and in particular read through chapters 1 and 7-9 (+10 for spellcaster charaters) of the PHB. hopefully everyone is familiar with the basics now and this will expand on / strengthen that and let us focus more on the story.
  • 🙏🏽 - watch the video linked below and think about how you will play the game / what you might do the same / differently from last campaign

reference materials

player guide

this is a very good guide on how to progress as a player, which in turn makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. please watch at least until the end of ‘good players’ (1:27 - 11:43).